industrial wireless monitoring

IoT and Big Data

Combining our Internet of Things system with knowledge of how to make any kind of sensor wireless for industrial use, enables us to create true Industrial Internet of Things: unmatched battery lifetime, robust, explosion safe and plug&play combined with real-time analytics. We know how to canalize the huge amount of data that is generated, which is by far the biggest challenge. Billions of internet-connected 'things', like sensors, will generate massive amounts of data. Big data comes in large amounts and is a mixture of structured and unstructured information. It arrives at (often real-time) speed and can be of uncertain provenance.


The downside of IIoT is the overwhelming amount of data that is generated. The last decade in the field has taught us that it is of extreme importance to transform this data into easy-to-understand, useful and reliable information for our customers. It has become more and more obvious that it is key to analyze data on one main server. We have implemented this on our SafeHost Server: we offer real-time edge analytics to extract valuable data that flag observations of concern, and get meaningful data for strategic analysis at any point in time. In short, we turn big data into useful data and have mastered how to visualize sensoric data into meaningful and easy-to-understand information.

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Internet of Things

We thrive at making the best possible solutions for our customers, therefore offering a wide variety of options. To give you some examples: for short term monitoring we offer special Rentals | our system interfaces seamlessly with existing communication infrastructures like 3G/4G, BlueTooth, TCP/IP, WiFi and LoRa | our system is fully ATEX-compliant for explosion hazardous environments | for usage and handling in industrial environments like bulk storage, our system is extremely robust | we visualize (and help you understand) what the different sensors measure | our system automatically shows the best storage conditions of your perishable and/or fire-susceptible goods | we offer various types of sensors, like e.g. temperature, moisture, CO, CH4, NOx, CO2, and O2, as well as open/close sensors (contact us if you’re looking for particular sensors).

More words that describes our system and tells you more about us?
→ very userfriendly | plug-and-play | long-life batteries (10 years) | custom made websites | GPS Tracking | Internet of Things (IoT) | M2M.

SafeHost redundant website

Our SafeHost website visualises what you need to know!

Our sensors wirelessly transmit their information to the SafeHost server that translates these measurements data: e.g.  temperature, moisture content, gas composition, PAR light, open/close of tailgates or loading doors and first-glance problem indication & alarming.

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Industrial Wireless Monitoring

Sensite Solutions develops and offers complete, industrial wireless monitoring solutions for logistics, commodity storage, and petrochemical environments. Our solutions contain a wide variety of sensors, complete reader infrastructures and tailor-made software.


Sensite Safety Graph


Our Safety Graph for moisture content and temperature significantely improves the monitoring and safeguarding of your commodoties. Research shows great value in monitoring moisture content to ensure  safe storage of food and feed.