About Sensite Solutions

Sensite Solutions develops and offers complete, industrial wireless monitoring solutions safehost-realtime-monitoringfor logistics, commodity storage, and petrochemical environments. Our solutions contain a wide variety of sensors, and tailor-made software.

Heart of our solution is SafeHost, our redundant, cloud-based Web server. All sensors wirelessly transmit their information to the SafeHost server containing a unique set of calculation engines that translate measurements data into domain-specific information, e.g. analysis of basic values into business parameters like temperature, moisture content, gas composition, photo synthesis, open/close of tailgates or loading doors and first-glance problem indication & alarming.

Our system seamlessly interfaces with communication infrastructures like 3G/4G, BlueTooth, TCP/IP, WiFi and LoRa.

  • Plug-and-Play: up and running within a day

  • Ruggedized sensors, for use in harsh environments

  • ATEX-compliant, for use in explosive environments