Internet of ThingsIoT: Internet of Things (or Industrial Internet of Things)

Now there is a name for what we have been doing the last decade! We are pioneers in connecting things into one wireless network. Key in the incredible growth of Internet of Things are sensors, as they gather and output all kinds of valuable data. Our SafeHost platform turns these data into valuable and readable(!) information, enhanced with reports, diagnostics, alarm-settings and any other client-specific requirements. Our extensive knowledge on combining numerous types of sensors for any kind of application, enables us to combine all kinds of different sensors, from different manufacturers, into one network.

While sensors might be key in Internet of Things, it is the software that is essential. And that is exactly what we have been focusing on: an easy-to-use, redundant & reliable platform that generates information, both historic and present, that is easy to understand and made visual to enable customers to quickly assess status of whatever, whenever and however they want.

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