SafeHost for industrial monitoring solutions


Heart of our turnkey monitoring solutions is our redundant, cloud based web server, called SafeHost. The SafeHost platform facilitates tailor-made solutions for any kind of application, ranging from climate monitoring to tracing mobile objects and persons. The customer-specific website offers both live and historic data, alarming and reporting, as well as conversion intelligence that translates measurements data into domain-specific information.

SafeHost turnkey monitoring solution includes e.g.:

  • temperature transients on a customer-specific map,
  • translation of temperature and relative humidity into absolute humidity, moisture content and Aw-values
  • deduction of Photosynthetic Active Radiation from plain daylight.
  • deduction of work-spot utilisation from motion sensors

Some dedicated examples of SafeHost:

Bulk Monitoring


SafeHost Bulk Monitoring System is our superior wireless monitoring solution for product quality control and safeguarding of perishable goods (edible goods like soy, cocoa, canola,  and energy sources like coal and wood pellets). Sensite’s solution enables monitoring, wherever and whenever is needed, helping to prevent and minimize product losses in storage and in transport.

And the bottom line: reducing spillage costs considerably.




SafeHost Localisation System is our ATEX-compliant superior wireless tracing solution for access control and localisation of personnel, valuable assets and vehicles in the petrochemical industry. Sensite's solution enables monitoring, reporting and alarming, wherever and whenever needed, helping to prevent and minimize unauthorized and hazardous activities on the plant.

And the bottom line: increasing plant safety dramatically.