The versatility of Sensite’s wireless sensors enables a host of applications for monitoring transport temperature monitoringand management of mobile assets. SafeHost provides a powerful and versatile monitoring platform for mobile objects of any make and size. Examples of asset monitoring include:

  • Continuous monitoring of condition and whereabouts of precious cargo during transportation for HACCP purposes
  • On-line tracking and reporting of precious and/or hazardous object like e.g. radio-active isotopes
  • Management and monitoring of flexible work spots in modern-day office environments
  • Automated and continuous matching of train-cars and pulling engines
  • Detection of vehicle (bikes, cars) at dedicated parking places and cycle sheds for security and health support programs

The majority of these applications have been developed together with selected partners who are well-informed in the associated markets. In some cases Sensite provides the end-to-end solutions, tailored to the domain-specific needs of the customer. In other cases, Sensite offers the basic monitoring platform while the domain-specific User Interface is provided by the partner.

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