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SafeHost Bulk Monitoring System is a superior wireless monitoring solution for product quality control and safeguarding of perishable goods (edible goods like soy, cocoa, canola, and energy sources like coal and wood pellets). Sensite’s solution enables monitoring, wherever and whenever is needed, helping to prevent and minimize product losses in storage and in transport.

The bottom line: reducing spillage costs considerably.

One of the major challenges in bulk storage is quality and safety control; if not stored at the proper environmental conditions, the product may be subject to disastrous effects like e.g. rot, moulds, diseases or self combustion. If products are not properly monitored, uncontrolled temperature and moisture values can cause moulds and bacteria to develop. Self-combustion can lead to product deterioration, fire damages and even environmental disasters, leading to enormous costs.

Not only helps Sensite Solutions for Bulk preserving your product quality, it also decreases the costs of insurance premiums.

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