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Fumigation | Concrete Ripening

Industrial Process Control

The next level in Industrial Wireless Monitoring is providing actionable insights, and with that the ability to automate the appropriate actions.
For example, in fumigation treatments or concrete ripening processes:

Fumigation Processes

We support different treatments to exterminate organisms like termites and insects in bulk storage, e.g.:

1. fumigation by creating an environment with decreased oxygen and increased temperature & humidity;
2. creating an environment with a fixed temperature for a given time.

We control the parameters that support the process, e.g. automatic linking of sensors with container Id[s.  With a button on the website, heaters can be switched on, while the website keeps overviewing the process. When the temperature that has been set is reached, the website automatically switches off the heaters and a report is generated.

Wireless Concrete Ripening Control

Processes in concrete maturity are getting more and more advanced and complex. This requires expertise and in-depth knowledge of the different types of concrete and its processes. The big challenge is to optimize the concrete maturity process: enabling the best surroundings for curing, without losing valuable time. In other words: maximum strength in the shortest time possible.

Our partner Verboom Techniek has over 60 years experience in the building industry, and is a renowned partner for many in this field. Combining our respective expertise, we are now able to offer real-time concrete strength data, using Verboom’s Concrete Strenght Solution with smart, wireless sensors. Herewith, giving you the best of both worlds:

– an easy to use, safe and very manageable application
– an intuitive interface enabling better service (more people can work the system)
– worldwide accessible

Control your heaters, via the website, on the exact moment intervention is needed.

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