SafeHost Localisation System for petrochemical industry


SafeHost Localisation System is a superior wireless tracing solution for access control and localisation of personnel, safehost-for-petrochemicalvaluable assets and vehicles. Sensite's solution enables monitoring, reporting and alarming, wherever and whenever needed, helping to prevent and minimize unauthorized and hazardous activities on the plant. And the bottom line: increasing plant safety.


The petrochemical industry, where products are being produced using oil and gas, faces many challenges, including personnel safety, environmental hazards, process complexity, and logistics. Moreover, these challenges change over the lifetime of a plant. During plant construction, main focus is on supervision of the vast amount of construction companies and their employees. After commissioning, issues of security, safety, and process control become more prominent. Sensite's ATEX-compliant SafeHost system offers solutions for all of these aspects, during the complete lifetime of a petrochemical plant.


Sensite's SafeHost system consists of localisation tags (to be worn by personnel or fixed to movable assets), wireless safehost-localisationsensors (for temperature, humidity, gases, open/close of gates or doors, etc), and an infrastructure of readers. All wireless devices transmit their unique identification code and/or measurements data to the reader network, in which one reader acts as interface to Sensite's redundant, cloud-based SafeHost server.
The SafeHost server features the so-called Localisation Engine that translates all network data to localisation information. From any location in the world, at any time, both live and historical information can be obtained by authorised personnel, via Sensite's SafeHost Localisation System that has been tailored to the specific requirements of the company. A web-based interface provides an easy means for tracking current and past whereabouts of assets, reporting, and alarming. Depending on customer requirements, our system can be extended to seamlessly interface with existing systems like access control systems, permits software, and Enterprise Management Systems.


    • Personnel Tracing: The location of personnel can be assessed with Sensite's Real Time Localisation infrastructure, consisting of HBL200 Wireless network Controllers, continuously monitoring the transmissions of BN309 Intelligent Tags in their vicinity.
    • Muster Zone Management: The identification of employees, assembled at muster zones in case of an emergency situation is automated with Sensite's localisation system.
    • Access Control: The BN309 Intelligent Tags can also be used for conventional access control of doors and gates, and for identification and localisation of vehicles entering, occupying, or leaving a plant. This provides an easy means for access control and logistical planning.
    • Asset Management: Valuable and movable assets can be equipped with BN309 Intelligent Tags and, in this way, located using the on-site reader infrastructure of HBL200 Wireless Network Controllers. For assets in transit, their location can be traced continuously via their GPS position, if required.
    • Permit Control; "Permit to Work" software provides an easy way to issue and register all permits within an organisation. SafeHost allows automated coupling of work permits to the authorised work spot area(s).
    • Gas detection: Sensite's full suite of wireless gas sensors allows plant management to monitor the concentration of hazardous gases like H2S, SO2 and Ch4.


safehost-localisation-petrochemicalBeside localisation, Sensite's SafeHost is deployed for extensive telemetry applications in heavy industries as well. These functions can be seamlessly integrated in the solutions described here. For instance, wireless temperature monitoring of pipes, valves and equipment can be added to the pure localisation function.



The wireless, dynamic, modular architecture of SafeHost enables flexible installation and re-installation of systems.  The HBL200 Wireless Network Controller hardware can be provided in the configuration of choice for the plant, ranging from light pole mounting to stand-alone floor positioning. The readers run on autonomous solar power provisioning. The network is redundant, self-configuring and self-healing, turning it into a true plug-and-play system.


The SafeHost server provides continuous network integrity monitoring, includingsensite-personnel-tag
  • Signal strength issues
  • Noise floor measurements
  • Time since last reception of equipment
  • Battery status

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