Sensite Solutions Safety Graph

Sensite soltutions’ safety graph for moisture content and temperature improves the monitoring and safeguarding of your commodities

Great value in monitoring moisture content

Next to temperature, moisture is an important parameter for ensuring safe storage of food and feed. Temperature and moisture go hand-in-hand when product condition is concerned. Sensite solutions provides quality monitoring solutions, in which the combination of temperature and moisture often proves to be key for our customers.

What does the Safety Graph tell yousensite-safety-graph-for-grain

Certain combinations of product temperature and moisture content can affect the storability of goods. Insects, moulds, mites and self-ignition may take care of 5 to even 40% of post-harvest loss. Therefore, monitoring the favourable boundaries for each commodity is very important. Each threat has its own favourable environmental conditions as to temperature and moisture. Combining these conditions for the most significant threats gives the relevant information on the optimimum storage conditions. We have indicated the safe temperature/moisture content (mc) area for specific commodoties. Sensite solutions’ safehost (our redundant and cloud-based webapplication) informs continuously on the actual circumstances. Alarms are generated when product circumstances are moving towards an unsafe zone.

As an example, the resulting safety graph for grain shows the safe area and risky areas for grains during storage.
Conditions for insects and mites generally determine the boundaries. Furthermore, the metabolism of insects and mites lead to higher temperatures and mc, leading the product into even more dangerous areas.

The boundaries will vary for different commodoties, some products will have less or no susceptibility to some threats. Our webapplication safehost automates the specific boundaries for each commodity.
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