Sensite Solutions Special Projects

The versatility of Sensite’s plug-and-play solution enables the implementation of a wide variety of additional projects, not directly related to our off-the-shelf bulk commodity monitoring, asset management, and petrochemical solutions, but nonetheless substantial in challenge and innovation. These special projects generally have a high research character and are carried out in close cooperation with companies that want to stay ahead in their market and require a high-tech sparring partner with the flexibility to try out challenging solutions. An example of such innovative co-operation projects is provided below.

Sensite measures environmental gas composition in unmanned fire fighting robot

gas composition fire fighting robot

In co-operation with Brandweer Nederland and the Ministry of Safety and Justice, Dutch company Geoborn ( has developed the MCTR, (Micro Turbine Compressed Air Foam System Robot), an unmanned fire fighting robot that is fully remotely controlled. The versatile robot can be utilized for various types of fires in parking garages, tunnels and all other locations too hazardous for people to enter. Next to the 13 cameras, the robot is equipped with Sensite’s wireless sensors for measurements of Environmental gas composition (O2, CO, CO2, CH4) and temperatures of the turbine platform, within, and around the robot.