We offer a big variety of sensors, in various appearances, using the most effective infrastructure:

YOU CHOOSE what you need.

Some Examples:
High Value Commodities

Monitor valuable foodstuffs under your care in the complete foodchain with our Industrial Internet of Things solution.

Industrial Process Control

Construction process monitoring: safe time by continous monitoring on sites and in factories, e.g. concrete strengthening.

Precious Fertility & Health Products

Storage and transport needs to be carefully and continuously monitored in order to safeguard quality and prevent production losses.

Need inspiration?

Let us inspire you of what you can monitor with our system,
at places where cabling is not an option. Anywhere.

What we do

Some Highlights

LoRa network

for extreme performance

Phosphine Sensor

monitor phosphine content
to safeguard health


monitoring surroundings
& inside products

Monitor Temperature

keep your valuable foodstuffs safe

Creditcard Format

sensors available
in different formats

ATEX compliant

for explosive environments