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Temperature is by far the most predominant parameter we monitor for clients in various processes. For example, to safeguard perishable goods, or, to monitor concrete ripening in the building industry.

Another example of things we monitor is compositions of gas: within the product or in its proximity, over huge distances, or in challenging environments like petrochemical plants.

We find inspiration in helping our customers to monitor whatever they want, at any desired place. Bringing our customers our expertise : we know what to measure and how to do that. And, of course, we find inspiration in new technologies: whatever helps us to meet our customers’ demands.


Even in places where there are no means of communication available, we will be able to transmit our data (for example wind mill parks in oceans).

Domain Expertise

Sometimes it is also important to combine and analyse data. For example, to calculate moisture content of a product by combining temperature and relative humidity measurements or, to calculate PAR spectrum in visible light.

New technologies

In the last decade, a lot of new technologies have come available. LoRa for example, enables us to better monitor high value commodities in floating storage and rural area’s.