Cloud Based Web Server SAFEHOST

Heart of our system

Heart of our turnkey monitoring solutions is our redundant, cloud based web server, called SafeHost. The SafeHost platform facilitates tailor-made solutions for any kind of application, ranging from climate monitoring to tracing mobile objects and persons. The customer-specific website offers both live and historic data, alarming and reporting, as well as conversion intelligence that translates measurements data into domain-specific information.

SafeHost turnkey monitoring solution includes e.g.:

  • temperature transients on a customer-specific map
  • translation of temperature and relative humidity into absolute humidity, moisture content and Aw-values
  • deduction of Photosynthetic Active Radiation from plain daylight
  • deduction of work-spot utilisation from motion sensors
Want to know more?

(Industrial) Internet of Things

Key in the incredible growth of Internet of Things are sensors, as they gather and output all kinds of valuable data.

Our SafeHost platform turns these data into valuable and comprehensable(!) information, enhanced with reports, diagnostics, alarmsettings and any other clientspecific requirements.

Data | Artificial Intelligence

SafeHost allows for constant measuring and storage of vital parameters. The resulting Big Data enables us to support a wide variety of processes and gives us the input for advanced conclusions and predictions. Artificial and Data Intelligence is all about the availability of Big Data: historic analyses on this data gives a very good predictive view.

You Choose

Rich variety of sensors; project customized appearance; most effective infrastructure available: YOU CHOOSE

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